Blanc Cookwares Bundle Set for Medium size Hobs


Blanc’s “nano-ceramic” cookware is about building up a better concept of food safety and hygiene. White is clean and clear and any dirt is clearly visible. In addition, Blanc woks use eco-friendly nano-ceramic materials, as opposed to the chemical non-stick material derived from crude oil. It provides better cooking effect with its far-infrared heat. For instance, foods cooked in white Blanc woks are more tasty and juicy. Steaks are also more tender and moist. Besides, it keeps nutrition better as it requires low to medium heat for cooking, which reduces cooking time by at least 1/3! Its low-smoke nature is better for you and your family’s health too.

It just makes life much easier and healthier.
Characteristics of Blanc Nano-ceramic cookware:

Less cooking fumes
PTFE and PFOA free
Keep food nutrition
Fast cooking, saving time
Easy cleaning
Low carbon cookware
Energy saving
Bundle includes: 1 x B28WSS(28cm Wok), 1 x B24PSS(24cm Pot), 1 x B28FPSS(28cm Fry Pan), 1 x BMM (Silicon Mat) & 1 x BSP(Silicon Spatula)

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